Microcision is located in the Pennsauken, New Jersey,  minutes from downtown Philadelphia and employs more than 80 people: operating two full shifts, six days per week. Below is a partial list of manufacturing and quality equipment. Microcision has multiple units of each listing. For a full facilities list click here.



CNC Turning - 9 Axis

CNC Turning - 8 Axis

CNC Turning - 7 Axis

CNC Turning - 6 Axis

CNC Turning - 5 Axis

CNC Turning - 3 Axis

CNC Milling - 7 Axis

CNC Milling - 5 Axis

CNC Milling - 4+1 Axis

CNC Milling - 2 Axis

Manual Milling

Wire EDM

CNC Lathes


Grit Blasting

Star SV20, SR20R IV & Citizen M20Y

Citizen M12, M16, M20, M32

Tsugami SS207 5AX, SS327 5AX & Star SR20J, SB12R II

Tsugami B0126 II

Star SR20 & Citizen L20

Citizen B12

Tsugami SS20M 5AX

Kitamura 3XT & Hurco VM10U, VM10U HSi

Brother S700X1


Mitsubishi MD+PROII / BA-8


Speed Lathe

Comco Micro-Blaster


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