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Established in 1948 as G & F Manufacturing, the company started by making precision tooling for the jewelry industry. In the late 1950s, a Philadelphia based engineer contacted the management of G & F with an urgent need. His son was born with Hydrocephalus or "water on the brain." The doctors informed him that there was no treatment for this condition and that his son would die within a year from an excess of cranial fluid buildup. The engineer wanted the G & F staff to help him design and produce an implantable "shunt" that would remove the excess fluid yet maintain the cranial pressure.


Together, they were successful and his son's life was saved. The Hydrocephalic Shunt design was later sold to Johnson & Johnson and it is still produced at Microcision. Millions of people can lead normal lives due to this incredible life-saving device. The current staff at Microcision is extremely grateful to continue this tradition. Life-saving and life-enhancing medical devices are produced and designed every day in our facility. And it all started decades ago by saving one little boy's life.

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